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Heaven Sent Food A Guide to Solar Cooking

Unlocks Flavors Preserves Nutrition Saves Money

Jackie started cooking in late childhood, and while life took her on other paths, she never lost her enthusiasm for bringing delicious meals to the table for family and friends. She seldom used recipes, even at a young age, preferring to make up her own.

When she bought a larger home and got her first month's air conditioning bill, she about croaked. She remembered sitting around the campfire with her dad talking about stored solar energy in wood, and immediately searched for solar cooking energy online. She found a few websites that sold solar ovens, bought one, and became an instant convert after she cooked her first meatloaf.

She found solar cooking brought a whole new dimension to cooking good food. Finding a lack of comprehensive solar cookbooks on the market led her to putting this cookbook together, to share the wonder of cooking with the sun with others.

Her first loves have always been cooking and protecting the environment. She is a former member of the Maricopa County Water Quality Advisory Board, the Laguna Beach Chamber Music Society Board of Directors, and has worked on clean air issues in the Phoenix metro area. She spearheaded the early efforts of the Central Arizona Homebuilder's Association to adopt water-saving landscape techniques in new home subdivisions. She lives in Phoenix with her cats.




Brad Holt is a lifelong resident of Cedar City and a graduate of Cedar City High School and Southern Utah University. He learned the mechanics of painting from the prominent Southern Utah painter Jimmy Jones, who was a friend of Brad's parents.

Brad knew he would become an artist when, at a very young age, he saw a photo of a painting by Salvador Dali. Brad was electrified. He said of the experience, "I realized at once that this was of overwhelming importance--this was not simply a visual image. It was a higher language which transcended the mundane and spoke directly to the soul."







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