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Heaven Sent Food A Guide to Solar Cooking

Unlocks Flavors Preserves Nutrition Saves Money

Heaven Sent Food is a guide to solar cooking that includes tips on buying a solar oven, cooking techniques, and 115 recipes that are designed to bring delicious, affordable, and nutritious food to your table. None of the recipes use any hydrogenated oils like shortening or margarine. The main sections inside Heaven Sent Food include these topics:

What others are saying:

I made your Bacon Wrapped Chicken dish last night, and the family loved it. I don't have a solar oven, so in trying to simulate what I think it does, I used a 9' x 9' stoneware baking dish, then covered and sealed it with aluminum foil. The last few minutes I uncovered the dish and moved it up a rack just to crisp up the bacon. It was wonderful. If solar ovens can make it even better, I'm going shopping for one.

Tom Ray, Michigan

When Jackie introduced me to solar cooking last year, I was fascinated. I got a solar oven immediately. Now I have two. Solar cooked food tastes so much better. It's fun to experiment with the recipes, too.  We live in the mountains off the grid, so now we can save our solar-generated electricity for light at night.  Gotta love that blue sky and sunshine!

Stephanie Myers, Nevada

We've known and worked with Jackie for years.  She is committed to living well and living smart, sometimes on a shoestring budget.  Her solar cookbook is a welcome addition to our library. We thank her for teaching us about solar cooking.
Brooke Warrick & Alison Stevens, Carmel , California

Wow You have done such a fantastic job Jackie... so informative and such great recipes too - I'm looking forward to trying them out.

Annette Wilkins, Zimbawbe

  • Types of solar cookers and recommendations about suppliers
  • Choosing your solar cooker based on your climate and lifestyle
  • Selecting pans
  • Cleaning the solar oven
  • Basic food cooking techniques using solar energy
  • 115 recipes for breads, soups, meat, vegetables, fruit, casseroles, convenience foods, and desserts
  • 100 pages as e-book, 116 as paper copy, with comb binding so it lays flat on your countertop

Sample Recipe

Mediterranean Chicken Breasts

Here's another example of how sunshine can transform your food from ho hum to excellent. This recipe comes together easily, and it's good enough to serve at a dinner party, with a nice bottle of red or white wine. Make sure the friends with whom you enjoy this can handle dipping bread in sauce.

4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
2/3 cup sun dried tomatoes, packed in oil
1 medium onion, sliced
3 cloves garlic, crushed
½ teaspoon dried basil
½ teaspoon dried oregano
1/3 cup kalmata olives

½ cup freshly grated Romano, parmesan, or asiago cheese or crumbled feta

Wash chicken breasts and put in bottom of solar pan. Spread the remaining ingredients (except cheese) on top of the breasts. Bake for an hour, add cheese, and finish cooking, until the pan juices come to a simmer. This creates a luscious broth, and must be served with crusty French bread for dipping into this delicious sauce.

Full Table of Contents

Why Cook with Solar Energy
A Word about the Weather
Types of Solar Cookers

Box Ovens
Parabolic Cookers
Panel Solar Cookers
Choosing Cooking Pans for Your Solar Cooker
Cleaning and Caring for Your Solar Oven
Food Cooking Techniques

Yeasted Bread
Quick Breads
Rice and Pasta

Things to Do with Leftover Chicken
Convenience Foods

Frozen Dinners
Fruit Desserts




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